Time recording

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ClickTime organises everything around working time. Flexible recording of working hours and absences, allocation to projects and services including budget comparisons and billing of services, planning of working hours in duty rosters and work shifts, scheduling of work orders from customers and clients.

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Record working hours and absences with just a few clicks, print out the desired monthly report, view holidays or adjust employee master data. And you can do all this on the go, because ClickTime is an internet-based application and can be used wherever you have an internet connection on your device.

  • Time recording on the PC
  • Team recording on the tablet
  • On the road with the smartphone
  • With the terminal in the office, warehouse, construction site
  • Flexible time recording models
  • Approval processes
  • Rules for breaks and working hours

Flexible time recording for projects, orders, construction sites, mandates, etc. With it, you bring order and clarity to your working hours. You can use it to monitor job post-calculation, charge your customers for services or check your internal costs or allocate them to cost units.

  • Time recording on projects
  • Multi-level recording
  • Hourly rates on all dimensions
  • Flexible evaluations
  • Budget option for projects and employees
  • Invoice function

Plan the deployment of your staff teams for the coming weeks and months for the required presence times and locations. Transfer the planned times to the time recording. The employees receive the always up-to-date schedules and deployment information directly on their smartphones.

  • Duty and shift planning
  • Flexible planning groups
  • Simple planning with drag and drop
  • Weekly, monthly or annual planning
  • Easy control of duty times
  • All information on the smartphone

Customer orders must be neatly planned so that every employee is in the right place at the right time and the orders are realised on time. ClickTime facilitates this process with user-friendly order planning. Each employee receives his orders on his smartphone with all the information, pictures and plans for his job.

  • Flexible work orders
  • Weekly and monthly planning
  • Storage of PDFs
  • Pictures made by smartphone
  • Checklists
  • Direct time recording

PC, smartphone, tablet, time recording terminal


The needs and local conditions determine the use of the equipment used to easily record working time. Depending on the place of work, different solutions are required. Only for the simple recording of working time or the recording of projects and orders or for the display of duty and shift schedules or for comprehensive order planning.

  • Time recording on the PC
  • Coming and going at the terminal
  • Team time recording on the tablet
  • Order entry at the terminal
  • Time recording on the smartphone
  • Planning overview on the smartphone/tablet

Integration and interfaces


Our modern system enables the simple exchange of information that is integrated into ClickTime from third-party systems or imported from ClickTime into other systems. This enables you to achieve greater efficiency and a secure exchange of data. We will be happy to advise you on the possibilities and useful areas of application.

  • Export to payroll systems
  • Project import from ERP's
  • export of hours to ERP's
  • Import of hours from third party systems
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