Project / service recording

Flexible project time recording for optimal cost control

This option gives you even more possibilities to assign the recorded hours to individual projects and sub-projects and to select activities on a second level. By assigning projects to individual employees, each employee only sees the projects he or she needs.

What we call projects are also known in other sectors as orders, objects, mandates, etc. You can therefore flexibly adapt the designations so that everyone understands each other.

Hourly rates

Optionally, hourly rates can be assigned to employees, projects, areas or activities. This simplifies the billing of services, which is supported by flexible reports.

Project control

Project reports can be used for invoicing customers or for internal control. This gives you an overview of the costs incurred at all times.


Die Projekt- und Leistungserfassung kann in verschiedenen Branchen genutzt werden:


The fiduciary records his hours for billing to his clients. One or more projects can be created for a client. With the divisions, different fields of work can be distinguished, such as accounting, taxes, etc. The activities, in turn, refine the indication of services rendered. The activities in turn refine the indication of the services rendered. However, the work divisions can also be entered as activities without further subdivision.


The production company records its hours on its orders, which are managed as projects in ClickTime.

This information is used for the post-calculation of the services rendered. If required, the recorded services can also flow back into the project module of the accounting system.


The municipality records its hours in the work yard in the various fields of work.

Depending on the field of work, further activities are differentiated. At the end of the year, this information allows a detailed allocation of the hours to the different cost centres.


The architectural office records its hours on its objects, which are managed as projects in ClickTime. The construction phases are recorded as sections and the services rendered as activities. In this way, post-calculation can be carried out for the various phases and services. Separate projects are created for management contracts, which are billed to the client at the agreed hourly rates.

Project structure


If the project and activity recording option is used, the working or project hours can be assigned to additional objects.

For each project, you can define whether the hours should only be allocated to the project or additionally to the division or activity.

Test it now for 30 days without obligation.
Test it now for 30 days without obligation.
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