Recording of working time

ClickTime brings transparency to your working time

With ClickTime you get a flexible time recording system to record the working hours and absences of employees. The system is also suitable for very simple situations where only working time, absences and holiday checks are managed.

For larger companies or greater requirements, additional functions are activated in order to be able to cover the greater complexity and greater needs.

Public holidays

Our public holiday calendars can be flexibly assembled from our templates. Company-specific holidays or shortened working days can also be added.


The rules for breaks are different in every company and therefore require great flexibility from the system. For manual recording, we have our personal templates, which simplify the recording very much.


Staff employment

In the system, the employees' employments are recorded on the time axis. This makes it possible to see at any time who works how much, is in which department, belongs to which approval group or is assigned to which holiday table or public holiday calendar. All this, of course, for the entire employment history.

ClickTime therefore knows exactly who has to work how much, how much holiday they have or what is the flexitime or overtime balance.

Time recording models

With the time recording models, you take into account the different requirements and circumstances of your company. You assign a model to each employee, which determines the working time, the recordable absence types or the display of the desired balances.

  • Unlimited number of models
  • Target working time per weekday
  • Control of recording
  • Flexitime tolerances
  • Block times
  • Evening, Night and Sunday work


ClickTime has different roles to display to each employee as much as he or she is allowed or required to see. The basic roles of user, manager and administrator can be flexibly supplemented with further rights. We always set great importance on keeping the system clear and simple.

Access to the system is password-protected and access is set up by the administrator.

Mobile App

Modern time recording on the go with the ClickTime app. With it, you simply record working time and absences. If required, the working time can also be assigned to your projects.

This gives you an overview of the hours worked at all times.

Test it now for 30 days without obligation.
Test it now for 30 days without obligation.
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